What Does Your Manager Expect From You?

When you accept a job, it is not enough for you to just show up each day.  Even if your manager doesn’t clearly state it, they do have certain expectations of you.  If you fail to meet them you could quickly find yourself out of a job.  Here are some expectations that most managers will have of every employee:

That you conduct yourself professionally.  It is important that you look and behave professionally at all times.  This means that you are well groomed and that your attire is appropriate for the workplace.  It also means that you show up on time and that you treat everyone you encounter with respect.

That your performance meets expectations.  Your manager will hold you accountable for meeting your targets and deadlines.  You are expected to be focused while you are at work and if your performance is insufficient, you could be let go.

That you demonstrate a positive attitude.  Managers always value employees with a positive attitude.  Enthusiasm is contagious and can improve workplace morale.  Additionally, you are expected to show support for the company’s overall goals.  Your manager wants to see that you care about the company’s success.

That you work with integrity.  Dishonesty is rarely tolerated by employers.  Managers know that employees who are dishonest about the small things will also be dishonest about the big things.  If you wouldn’t want your manager to find out about it, then don’t do it.

These expectations are just the beginning.  If you want to progress in your career, you will certainly have to exceed them.  Try to find ways to solve your manager’s problems and you will become a valued employee in no time.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)

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