When is it Time to Make a Career Change?

How will you know when you’ve outgrown your career?  Will it happen all at once, or will you gradually lose interest?  While it’s different for each person, all of us will eventually get bored if we’re not being challenged.  Watch out for the following clues that it might be time for you to move on:

You’ve lost your passion.  You don’t get excited about your job like you used to.  You no longer spend your evenings trying to come up with new ideas or making plans for the future.  Recently, it’s an effort for you just to get through the day.

You’re not growing.  Your job no longer challenges you.  You feel like you could probably do it in your sleep.  You are not acquiring new skills and you can feel yourself beginning to stagnate.

You wish that you were doing something else.  There is a part of you that regrets your choice of career.  You wonder if it is too late to do something else.  You may have even identified an occupation that you would like to try.

You hate your job.  You dread going to work each day.  Your weekends and holidays go by way too quickly and when you get to work, you’re miserable.

Making a career change is not easy.  It often requires an investment of both time and money, and it can be difficult to get your foot in the door.  However, if you’re in the wrong career, it is well worth the effort.  The key is to be honest with yourself and don’t wait too long.  Good luck!

(Written by: Karen Bivand)


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