Kick the Procrastination Habit

Is your motto, ‘Why do it today when you can do it tomorrow?’.  If so, then you are causing yourself unnecessary stress and you’re limiting your potential.  Here are some tips that will help you overcome that nasty procrastination habit:

Make it a priority to change.  We all identify ourselves in different ways.  If you often say, ‘I’m a procrastinator!’, you need to change that.  Procrastination is a bad habit that makes you appear less capable and competent than you actually are.  The harsh reality is that you have likely been beat out for promotions and other opportunities by people who are less skilled than you are because you procrastinate and they don’t.  It is time for you to put a stop to this damaging behaviour.

Set your own deadlines.  If you find that you are always ready to go one day after the deadline, then why not set your own deadline a week before?!  Of course, this will require some commitment on your part to take your deadline seriously.

Do one thing a day.  Change is difficult for everyone.  We all have our established routines and doing something differently takes effort.  Start small by just committing to one task a day.  It won’t take up much of your time and it will put you on the right track.

Create a visible task list.  Procrastination feeds on denial.  It is easy to put things off when you allow yourself to forget about them.  Don’t let yourself get away with it.  Write out a list of your tasks and put it in a place where you will often see it.  This will keep the tasks at the top of your mind and you might find yourself working on them when you have a bit of spare time.

Once you start working on your procrastination, you will find that it makes a big difference in your life.  You might feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and that you are suddenly able to accomplish a lot more.  Take note of how much better you are feeling; there is a good chance that you had no idea what this habit was costing you.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)

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