5 Blogs to Get Your Career on Track

Over the holidays, we often have a little extra time on our hands.  Why not put that time to good use by reading blogs that can actually further your career?  Here are some blogs that will help you put some life back into your job search:

Career Hub
Career Hub helps job seekers take charge of their job search, build their confidence and advance their careers.  This blog is useful because it teaches people how to identify and address the barriers that are blocking their success and find a job search strategy that works for them.
Simply Hired offers practical advice that is useful to any job seeker.  Some helpful features on this blog include the ‘cool job of the week’, examples of up and coming jobs, do’s and don’ts, and quick tips for job seekers.
Based on the belief that ‘every job is temporary’ Careerealism’s mission is to help people solve their career and job search problems.  Among other job search and career planning topics, this blog focuses on social media, personal branding, networking, and resumes.
Life After College
With the slogan, ‘Wake up, live big and love the journey!’, Life After College encourages people to focus on the big picture of their lives.  The topics featured in this blog include life, work, money, happiness and personal growth.
This blog is for ‘people who love what they do and want to become awesome at it.’  This blog includes helpful and motivational articles on relaxation, stress management, work-life balance, and the requirements of different types of careers.

The endless routine of submitting applications can be discouraging for even the most motivated job seeker.  Sometimes we all need a little inspiration.  By reading a variety of career planning and job search blogs, you expose yourself to new ideas and gain a fresh perspective.

(Written by: Karen Bivand, Photo by: Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

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