Make Your Personality Stand Out

While your skills, experience and education are all important factors in whether or not you get hired, employers aren’t just interested in your resume.  It’s not only about what you can do; it’s who you are that counts.  Here are the five personality traits that most employers look for when hiring:

Confidence.  This is the trait that employers think most applicants are missing.  What’s the point of having an extensive resume if you can’t back it up with a firm handshake?!  First impressions are extremely important and interviewers quickly lose interest in candidates who don’t look them in the eye.  How can you expect anyone else to believe in you if you don’t even believe in yourself? 

Professionalism.  Eighty six percent of companies rated professionalism as something they are seeking.  Employers want to know how much you care about the work that you do.  You can present yourself as being professional by dressing appropriately for the interview and by treating everyone that you encounter with complete respect.

Openness to new experiences.  Employers know that someone who is open to new experiences is also the type of employee who won’t limit himself to his stipulated duties.  Since this is an individual who is always seeking growth, he will be more than happy to take on additional responsibilities in the workplace.  As an employee, this candidate will be willing to take risks, try new things and is the ideal hire for companies seeking employees who are excited about their career.

Intellectual curiosity.  An intellectually curious employee wants to know the how’s and why’s of the workplace.  This employee keeps up with new technologies and finds innovative ways to solve problems.  She will bring a fresh perspective and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Agreeableness.  An employee with this trait is willing to help others and puts the team’s needs before his own in the workplace.  This is the type of employee who would be ideal for training new hires or to mediate workplace conflicts.  Also, employees who are agreeable are just more pleasant to be around.

Employers want to hire people with these five personality traits because it makes their job easier.  Employees with these traits are aware of their duties and perform them without being told.  They are efficient, rise to meet challenges and are capable of working independently.  Being aware of the most attractive personality traits allows job seekers to present themselves as the best candidates.  Determine which of these five personality traits represent you and make sure that you effectively communicate it during the interview process.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)

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