Perform Well at a Group Interview

You spent hours customizing your resume and submitted your application.  You finally got the interview call, but are shocked to learn that you have been invited to a group interview!  Group interviews can be even more intimidating because you are face-to-face with your competition and you have to find a way to stand out.  If you are a shy person, the group adds a whole other level of stress to the interview process.  Here are some tips that will help you perform well at a group interview and make the employer want to get to know you even better!

Don’t talk too much.  Remember that it is a group interview.  You want to make your voice heard, but you shouldn’t dominate the conversation.  Be considerate and give other people the opportunity to speak.

Pay attention to your appearance.  You are standing right next to your competition, so you need to look good.  Dress professionally and be clean and well-groomed.  You may want to wear something a little distinctive to make you stand out, but keep it subtle and don’t let it become a distraction.  You want the employer to be focused on what you are saying, not what you are wearing.

Don’t be a wallflower.  It’s a subtle balance; you don’t want to overshadow others, but you shouldn’t fade into the background either.  Wait until you have something of value to contribute and speak up with a loud and clear voice.

Be nice to the other candidates.  Play nicely.  Yes, they are your competition, but they could also be your future coworkers.  Also, the employer is likely going to be evaluating you on your interpersonal skills.  Demonstrate through your behaviour that you would be a positive addition to their team.

Watch your body language.  Since you won’t be given as much time to speak as you would at an individual job interview, the employer will be evaluating your body language.  Are you sitting straight?  Are you making good eye contact?  Do you appear engaged and interested in what they are saying?  Remember, you can communicate a lot without even opening your mouth.

As with individual interviews, the employer is looking for the best fit for the job.  Don’t get distracted by the group.  Just be yourself, be professional, and let the employer see what you have to offer.  Good luck!

(Written by: Karen Bivand)

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