How to Set Yourself Up for a Promotion

ID-100263367You know that the easiest way to move up in your career is to get promoted from within the company, but how do you actually make that happen?  How can you make your manager see your potential and give you an amazing new opportunity?  Here are five tips that will get you pointed in the right direction:

Tell your manager that you want to move up in the organization.  If you are looking for a new opportunity within your company, make sure that the decision makers know about it!  It would be so sad if you were passed over just because nobody thought that you would be interested in the job.  Managers are always happy to know that their employees want to grow with the company and they may even look for opportunities for you.

Identify opportunities for growth.    There are opportunities for career growth everywhere; you just need to find them.  Keep your eyes open for events, training opportunities, new business within your company, opportunities to broaden your role, or anything that will allow you to expand your skills and develop your network.  As you take advantage of these opportunities, you may find that new doors open for you.

Do amazing at your job.  The opinion that your manager has of you will be largely based on how you perform in your current job.  Make an effort to identify what is important to your manager and excel at it.  If you are great at what you do, your manager will likely be happy to give you a new challenge!    

Build relationships.  Your attitude and interpersonal skills are key when you are trying to get a promotion within your company.  As much as you can, attend company events and demonstrate your commitment to the organization.  It is also important that you be professional and helpful to everyone you encounter at work.  You never know who might be able to help you one day.

Apply for open positions.  Gone are the days when your manager would just hand you a promotion.  In today’s world if you want a job, you have to apply for it.  When you’re going through the application and interview process, don’t assume that they are just going to hand you the job because you are awesome!  You have to do the work of showing them that you truly are the best fit for the job.  Take the application process as seriously as you would if you were approaching a new organization.  You may be competing against external applicants so don’t let them outshine you!

Henry Hartman knew what he was talking about when he said that “Success comes when preparation meets opportunity.”  Go get yourself prepared, keep your eyes open, and an opportunity will find you.  Good luck!

(Written by: Karen Bivand, Image Courtesy of Iosphere at

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