The Attitude that Will Get You the Job

ID-10075421Few people actually want to be looking for a job.  Maybe there were lots of layoffs in your company and you were just one of the many casualties, or maybe you had a blowout with your boss.  Whatever the reason, here you are.  While you can’t change what happened, you can change your attitude towards it, which can, in turn, impact your future success.  Here are five ways that you can shift your thinking in a way that will open doors for you:

Be positive.  Although looking for a job can be discouraging, it is important that you don’t get down on yourself.  Job seekers who are optimistic tend to have more motivation and also perform better at job interviews.  Celebrate your successes, get excited about this stage of your life and not only will you enjoy the ride, but you will also improve your likelihood of landing a great position.

Be responsible.  The willingness to take responsibility will make you more successful in both finding and keeping a job.  You need to treat your job search as a full-time job by devoting eight hours a day to it, being organized, and following up on applications.  Also, if you can demonstrate in your interview that you take responsibility for your work, it will make you a lot more desirable as a candidate.

Be professional.  It is important that you demonstrate professionalism in everything that you do.  This means dressing appropriately for interviews and for work, being courteous and respectful to everyone you encounter, and ensuring that you always put forward your best effort in your job.

Be friendly.  Your personal connections are the key to your success in any job.  You need to smile and engage with people in order to build a relationship.  When you are personable, you are more likely to make a positive impression on interviewers, you will have stronger relationships with your coworkers, and you will be able to build a more vibrant network.

Be determined.  Looking for a job is not easy.  You may work hard for weeks without hearing a peep from employers, or you might even get so close to a job that you can taste it, only to have it snatched away after the second interview.  If you want to be successful, you need to be able to endure these ups and downs without it shaking your confidence.  You have to believe that if you stick with your job search plan, you will get an offer.   

(Written by Karen Bivand, Image Courtesy of Kookkai_nak at

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