5 Things to Do Before You Quit Your Job


“I quit!”  Wait!  Before you do anything can’t be undone, take a few minutes to make sure that you are handling this situation in a way that will not negatively impact your career.  Here are five important items to put on your to-do list:

Think carefully about this decision.  Quitting your job is not a decision that you can take lightly.  What is your reason for leaving this company?  Are you having a conflict with a co-worker?  Is the commute too difficult?  Are the working conditions bad?  Before you hand in your resignation, talk to your manager to see if there is any way that you can solve the problem without quitting.

Give adequate notice.  The general expectation is that you will provide your employer with at least two weeks’ notice before quitting.  If you don’t give them enough notice it can make it difficult for your manager and your coworkers to cover off your responsibilities.

Tie up loose ends.  While it can be tempting to leave the more challenging aspects of your position for your successor to handle, your employer will appreciate it if you solve all the outstanding problems you can and provide them with information on any issues you can’t address.

Ask for a reference.  The best time to ask your manager and colleagues for a reference is when you are still working with them.  Just asking the question will make it a lot easier to follow-up with them at a later date.

Leave on good terms.  The world can be surprisingly small sometimes so it is important that you always remain professional.  Networking is the most effective way to find a job, so if you are courteous to everyone you encounter and leave your employer with a positive impression, it could open doors for you in the future.   

(Written by Karen Bivand, Image Courtesy of Nongpimmy at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


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