5 Things You Should NEVER Wear to a Job Interview

ID-100304960If you want to get the job, you had better look the part.  We all hate to admit it, but the truth is that if you show up for an interview with an unprofessional appearance, you will likely lose the opportunity before you even answer the first question.  When you are getting ready for your next interview, here are five things you should NOT be putting on!

Bright Stand-Out Colours.  You want to stand out at your interview, but not because of your bright orange shirt.  Choose a colour that is flattering, professional, and not overly distracting.

Clothes that Don’t Fit.  Clothing that doesn’t fit you properly will always make you look sloppy.  If it’s too big, it’s extremely unflattering and if it’s too small it just looks uncomfortable.  Take a few hours to go through your closet and if it doesn’t fit you, give it away.

Wrinkled or Stained Clothes.  Once you have professional clothes that fit you well, you need to take care of it.  That means keeping it clean, getting rid of stains, and making sure that all of your clothing is properly pressed.  If you show up for an interview in a shirt that you picked up off of your bedroom floor, that is exactly the impression you will make.

Too much cologne or perfume.  You never want the interviewer to smell you before they see you.  While wearing a light scent it acceptable, your fragrance should not be overpowering.  Also, be considerate of the fact that some people are allergic to fragrance and many workplaces are now scent free. 

Dirty or Casual Shoes. How many times have you heard someone say that they judge people based on their shoes?  A professional appearance is all about the details and your shoes are a big part of that.  Don’t wear flip-flops, sandals, sneakers, or any other shoes that would be perceived as too casual.  Stick with professional shoes and make sure that they are clean and polished.

When you are getting ready for an interview, your goal should be to make a good first impression so that you have the opportunity to wow them with your skills.  You don’t have to be dressed to walk a runway, just a professional appearance and a warm smile is all you need to start off on the right foot.

(Written by Karen Bivand, Image Courtesy of Aleksa at freedigitalphotos.net)


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