How Employers Choose a Candidate


After sending out resume after resume with no response, you might start to wonder “WHY ISN’T ANYBODY CALLING ME????”  The truth is that it is a competitive market.  With so many people looking for a job, it can be tough to stand out.  It might help to try to see it from the employer’s point of view.  How does an employer choose one candidate above the rest:

Required Skills.  It’s no surprise that the employer will be looking at your skills and experience when assessing you for a particular job.  It is a good idea for you to be as detailed as possible when outlining your qualifications for the position.  List the programs and processes you worked with by name and be sure to be particularly detailed about any of your skills and experience that directly relate to the job.

Proven Track Record.  In today’s competitive market, employers are going to be most drawn to candidates who are able to get things done.  List your quantifiable accomplishments on your resume in such a way that the employers can see for themselves that you are amazing.  Managers always feel like they are taking a risk when they are hiring, but you can make them feel better about selecting you by showing them what you can achieve.

Great Personality.  Your personality is just as important as your skills when it comes to impressing an employer.  The interviewer is wondering how you would be to work with and how you would fit in with the organizational culture.  All employers are looking for hard working candidates with a positive attitude who are easy to work with.  Each individual organization has it’s own unique culture so the employer will also be assessing how you will fit in with it.  Your job is to develop an understanding of the organizational culture and to communicate that you would be a good fit through your resume, cover letter and in your interview.

Well Connected.  At the end of the day, it always comes back to networking.  When looking for a new employee, managers will always start with people they know.  By making connections and developing lots of relationships within your industry, you open yourself up to a lot of potential opportunities.

Professional Behaviour.  Professionalism is like icing on the cake for a strong candidate.  Even if you do everything else perfectly, if you aren’t professional, you probably won’t get the offer.  However, there is no stopping a strong candidate who looks and appears professional.  Take special care with your appearance and strive for professionalism in every interaction with the employer.  Remember that when you are being assessed for a job, you are always under the microscope!


(Written by Karen Bivand, Image Courtesy of 89Studio at


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