About AYCE

AYCE Employment Services is a non-profit employment centre located on the boundary of North York and Scarborough near the intersection of Victoria Park and Sheppard, serving both youth and adults. Established in 1988, AYCE, a division of Tropicana Community Services, has helped prepare youth and adults to meet the challenges of an ever-changing job market, and has helped thousands of clients find jobs over the years.

Adhering to and maintaining diversity among staff, AYCE employees speak some 16 different languages. This commitment to diversity allows AYCE to provide clients with culturally appropriate services. And with a focus on customer service, clients experience a supportive environment to help them reach their employment and career goals. AYCE’s approach to service delivery is aligned with Tropicana’s mission to provide opportunities and alternatives that lead to success and positive life choices.

AYCE works with clients to help them find jobs, get training and upgrade their skills. Job placements for youth, adults, and internationally trained professionals are also available and vary according to the skills and experience of each individual. AYCE also helps connect clients to these positions by providing workshops, employment counselling and access to a job search resource centre as well as other opportunities to connect with employers.

Visit AYCE Employment Services today to get help with your job search!


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