Stand Out By Being Polite

Have you ever met someone who is impeccably polite?  They truly are a delight to be around.  When you boil it right down, politeness is simply being aware of and respecting the feelings of others.  By having good manners, you can make yourself more likable to everyone that you meet.  Here are some tips that will help you take your politeness to the next level.

Say hello.  People love to be acknowledged.  By smiling and saying hi to people when you see them, you are telling them that they matter to you.

Be considerate.  Pay attention to people when they talk to you.  Learn about their interests and the names of their spouse and children.  Respect their roles and duties and do what you can to make their day easier.

Dress appropriately.  Don’t wear revealing clothing or dress too casually for work.  Practice good hygiene- take a shower and brush your teeth.  It’s not polite to force your colleagues to hold their nose when they talk to you.

Remember the basics.  Words like please, thank you and excuse me still carry a lot of weight.  By minding your manners you will leave people with the right impression.

Be sensitive.  It is important that you are respectful of people’s differences such as gender, race, religion and politics.  Always make an effort to include everyone and never make derogatory or potentially inflammatory statements.

Usually it’s the rude behaviour that stands out, but if you are consistently polite you will find that doors tend to open up for you.

(Written by: Karen Bivand, Photo by: Stuart Miles/

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